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VZones Insider

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Posted by Rickster on Thursday, March 21 @ 04:23:25 PM VZT (290 reads)

Posted by Rickster on Wednesday, March 20 @ 12:33:20 PM VZT (482 reads)

I have the pleasure to announce it has been decided to promote Oracle Rassilon to Assistant Director Of Worlds. His new inworld name will be Rassilon (Asst. DoW) in all worlds.

Please make sure you congratulate him when you see him.

Anything that needs our attention can be sent to rickster@vzones.com and matt@vzones.com


Posted by Rickster on Monday, February 18 @ 02:17:45 PM VZT (362 reads)

Posted by Rickster on Saturday, February 16 @ 04:16:38 PM VZT (347 reads)

A New Oracle Was Announced Inworld Today:

Please Welcome Oracle Arabella. Make sure you congratulate her!

Topic: Oracles
Posted by Rickster on Friday, February 08 @ 05:58:33 PM VZT (460 reads)

The Cupids Arrow ’13 catalog has been released: 


Checkout what’s on offer to give to your sweetheart!

Posted by Rickster on Wednesday, February 06 @ 02:03:50 PM VZT (325 reads)

The Chinese New Year ’13 catalog has been released:


 Checkout the latest releases and get dressed up for

 the Chinese New Year on Sunday, February 10, 2013.


Posted by Rickster on Monday, February 04 @ 08:16:34 AM VZT (603 reads)

How DSers do SuperBowl. Slots in front of HG.

Picture by: Donna (SF Friends)

Posted by Rickster on Wednesday, January 23 @ 02:27:33 PM VZT (258 reads)




The Completely Custom - Jan 13 catalog has been released:
All items in this catalog have the option of ONE time customization included totally FREE!
Check it out and customize your look with your current outfits.




Posted by Rickster on Saturday, January 19 @ 05:07:47 PM VZT (401 reads)

Two new Acolytes were announced in Dreamscape today:

Welcome Acolyte Mondo and Acolyte Net. Congratz to you both!

Topic: Acolytes
Posted by Rickster on Wednesday, January 16 @ 02:14:20 PM VZT (348 reads)
The Retro Requested Furniture 13 catalog has been released:

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